StreetBoardz are the most high performance and most suitable carve board on the market that simulate the surfing and snowboarding technique and enable technical training to effectively occur on dry land.

Below we have included a couple of Vid Clips to highlight why these boards are so amazing and beneficial for your surfing (as well as your snowboarding). There are plenty more clips to check out as well.

As a general guide, we recommend the following

7ply for riders under 70Kg (guide only)

8ply for riders under 95Kg (guide only)

9 ply for riders over 95Kg (guide only)

This is purely a guide. We have seen men well over 100kg riding 7 ply boards with no problems. The thicker the deck, the stiffer it will be, the heavier the rider the more the deck will flex. A 100kg rider will have the deck flex much more riding a 7 ply board than a 50kg rider will flex a 9ply board.

StreetBoardz Carve Boards

We have been using carve boards in our lessons on Australia’s Gold Coast for years having seen the potential and benefits from using these unique types of carve boards. We use them and recommend the StreetBoardz carve board for all standards of surfers and snowboarders from the novice beginner to the elite.

Although based on the Gold Coast, we can have any of the Boards delivered straight to your door in Australia. Shipping within Australia is generally done within a couple of days and Delivery is FREE when you buy your StreetBoardz through us.

All of the StreetBoardz models have a unique dual coil spring system in the trucks. It is this unique system which allows the boards to simulate the rail to rail experience of surfing and snowboarding so perfectly.

It is no coincidence that not only do we use but also some of the other leading surf coaches in Australia are incorporating the StreetBoardz in their training programs for talented surfers and snowboarders. This includes the Surfing Australia HPC (High Performance Centre) who use them in all their programs and surf camps for all levels of surfer, Phil McNamara (Mick Fanning’s Coach), Barton Lynch (former World Champion Surfer as well as elite surf coach and Australian Team Coach) and Martin Dunn (one of the worlds most elite coaches and numerous times the Australian Team Coach).

“The StreetBoardz are the best surf training devices available, they take the rider back to the fundamentals of surfing. They provide a unique opportunity for both the rider and coach to work and focus on technique, style and overall strength in a controlled and managed environment.” Barton Lynch/ Martin Dunn.

Below we have included some videos for you to see how using a board from the StreetBoardz Range can benefit and improve your surfing!!


streetboard2                  poolbomb3